Injury prevention plays a key role

Updated: November 13, 2004, 1:22 AM ET
By Pam Shriver | Special to
LOS ANGELES -- Lindsay Davenport and Serena Williams were supposed to play in the season-ending finals in Munich three years ago. That's when Davenport seriously hurt her knee. Thinking back, that was the beginning of a time with lots of injuries on the women's tour.

With so many injuries cropping up, players cannot be careful enough. Both Davenport and Williams travel with physical therapists now. Davenport thought she'd never have an entourage and now it's helping her play her best tennis.

With all that's at stake at the top of the game, any top player is making a huge mistake if she doesn't look at every possible edge. An extra person can pay for herself or himself in one week if they keep you in a tournament -- especially one as important as the WTA Tour Championships. Here's a look at today's matchups:

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