Defenses show good mobility

Originally Published: January 30, 2005
Scouts, Inc.
Scouts Inc. offered its initial Super Bowl scouting report last week and will present its second look and game prediction Monday. In the meantime, a week of studying film on the Eagles and Patriots has revealed some interesting truths and tendencies about each conference champion. Here's a look:

  • Secondary might be the most physical in the NFL. They all hit and are excellent open-field tacklers. They have excellent ball skills and close on the ball quickly.

  • Linebackers have excellent speed and range – they get to the perimeter in a hurry. Will be tough for Pats to run outside on them. They get off blocks well.

  • Jeremiah Trotter
    This defense is completely different with Jeremiah Trotter at MLB. He gives them a more physical identity and is all over the field. He is a great inside run stuffer. Strong defense up the middle with four DTs rotating, Trotter at MLB and physical safeties.