Gonzalez, Richardson throw block party

Updated: October 25, 2004, 3:35 PM ET
Scouts, Inc.
Editor's note: Our scouts roll back the tape on Week 7 in the NFL:

Tony Gonzalez

  • The Chiefs dominated a good Falcons defensive front seven in the run game with seven guys of their own. The offensive line did a good job, but TE Tony Gonzalez did a great job of sealing the defensive end and outside linebacker on several sweep plays. FB Tony Richardson may be the best "isolation" blocker in the NFL, and he did a great job of getting out to the second level and putting a body on a linebacker.

  • The Chiefs' defense really went after QB Michael Vick with corner blitzes and overload blitzes, but they also spied him with a linebacker to prevent scrambles. It worked well, as Vick never got in sync.