A midseason look at the Big 12

Originally Published: October 12, 2004
By Chip Brown | Special to ESPN.com
A midseason team-by-team look at the Big 12.

Led by outstanding senior linebacker Justin Crooks, the defense has been solid at times, including the first half of Saturday's game against Missouri in which the Tigers led only 13-3. The offense, however, has been wildly inconsistent with Dane King at quarterback. King looked good against Texas and terrible against Missouri, prompting coach Guy Morriss to bring in backup QB Shawn Bell. The running game is non-existent (ranked 110th in Division I-A).

Midseason MVP: Second in Division I-A with an average of 48 yards per punt, Daniel Sepulveda helps the Bears win the battle for field position, which is critical with an offense that can't score.