Trojans' combo dominating Pac-10

Originally Published: November 30, 2004
By Rod Gilmore | ESPN Insider
If the coaches and athletic directors in the Pac-10 have any sense at all, they should beg Stanford athletic director Dr. Ted Leland to hire Norm Chow to replace the recently fired Buddy Teevens as football coach. In fact, they should offer to chip in on Chow's salary, if Stanford can lure him away from USC.

Why? As long as Pete Carroll and Chow are together at USC, the rest of the conference has no chance. Carroll and Chow are having a run not seen in Hollywood since Fred and Ginger (or Eminem and Dr. Dre, for our hip-hop audience).

Rod Gilmore

College Football analyst
Rod Gilmore serves as an ESPN studio analyst on SportsCenter and College Football Live, and provides commentary on ESPN's Friday night game telecasts. He writes regularly for ESPN Insider.