These 10 bring back memories

Originally Published: February 2, 2005
By Joe Lunardi | Special to ESPN Insider
It is a rite of early February. More predictable than the Groundhog. Subject to as much debate (if not more!) than the State of the Union address.

Call it the "State of the Mid-Majors." Or, more accurately, "Can so-and-so win a game (or two?) in the NCAA Tournament??

With Fran Fraschilla taking a hard look at this season's best candidates, we decided to go "Behind the Bracket" and find the best comparables of the 64-team era. You can then determine which, if any, of the 2005 possibilities have the right stuff to advance in March.

Since 1985, there have been 22 teams from so-called mid-major conferences to reach at least the Sweet 16. I'm going to count down the Top 10 from this group and then post some of your reactions later in the week in my "Bracket Banter" column.

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