Sunday, February 28, 2016
Univ of Tampa at Philadelphia1:05 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Monday, February 29, 2016
Boston College at Boston1:05 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Pittsburgh at Detroit1:05 PM551 availableN/A *
Baltimore at Atlanta1:05 PM553 availableN/A *
Toronto at Philadelphia1:05 PM569 availableN/A *
Miami Florida at Miami1:05 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Cincinnati at Cleveland3:05 PM216 availableN/A *
Univ of Arizona at Arizona5:10 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Atlanta at Baltimore1:05 PM426 availableN/A *
Minnesota at Boston1:05 PM1,104 availableN/A *
Detroit at NY Yankees1:05 PM827 availableN/A *
Detroit at Pittsburgh1:05 PM266 availableN/A *
Florida Atlantic at St. Louis1:05 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Washington at Tampa Bay1:05 PM306 availableN/A *
Philadelphia at Toronto1:07 PM313 availableN/A *
Texas at Kansas City3:05 PM187 availableN/A *
U of Milwaukee at Milwaukee3:05 PMBuy on StubHubN/A *
Cleveland at Cincinnati3:05 PM235 availableN/A *
LA Angels at San Francisco3:05 PM1,367 availableN/A *
San Diego at Seattle3:10 PM291 availableN/A *
Arizona at Colorado3:10 PM670 availableN/A *
Thursday, March 3, 2016
NY Mets at WashingtonTBD341 availableN/A *
Detroit at Atlanta1:05 PM571 availableN/A *
Toronto at Pittsburgh1:05 PM422 availableN/A *
Miami at St. Louis1:05 PM535 availableN/A *
Baltimore at Tampa Bay1:05 PM336 availableN/A *
Cincinnati at Cleveland3:05 PM243 availableN/A *
Texas at Kansas City3:05 PM192 availableN/A *
Chicago White Sox at LA Dodgers3:05 PM867 availableN/A *
Oakland at LA Angels3:10 PM503 availableN/A *
Seattle at San Diego3:10 PM224 availableN/A *
Colorado at Arizona3:10 PM951 availableN/A *
Boston at Minnesota7:05 PM398 availableN/A *
Friday, March 4, 2016
Tampa Bay at Boston1:05 PM1,169 availableN/A *
NY Yankees at Detroit1:05 PM981 availableN/A *
St. Louis at Houston1:05 PM160 availableN/A *
Atlanta at Philadelphia1:05 PM523 availableN/A *
Minnesota at Pittsburgh1:05 PM438 availableN/A *
Baltimore at Toronto1:07 PM293 availableN/A *
Cleveland at Chicago White Sox3:05 PM356 availableN/A *
Seattle at Milwaukee3:05 PM296 availableN/A *
LA Dodgers at Texas3:05 PM182 availableN/A *
LA Angels at Chicago Cubs3:05 PM1,046 availableN/A *
San Francisco at Cincinnati3:05 PM272 availableN/A *
Kansas City at San Diego9:10 PM253 availableN/A *
Saturday, March 5, 2016
Detroit at WashingtonTBD270 availableN/A *
Boston at NY Yankees1:05 PM1,341 availableN/A *
Pittsburgh at Atlanta1:05 PM388 availableN/A *
NY Mets at Houston1:05 PM265 availableN/A *
St. Louis at Miami1:05 PM248 availableN/A *
Philadelphia at Toronto1:07 PM368 availableN/A *
Chicago White Sox at Kansas City3:05 PM270 availableN/A *
Milwaukee at Oakland3:05 PM282 availableN/A *
Cincinnati at Chicago Cubs3:05 PM1,386 availableN/A *
Arizona at LA Dodgers3:05 PM891 availableN/A *
LA Angels at Seattle3:10 PM256 availableN/A *
San Diego at Colorado3:10 PM698 availableN/A *