Best in the minor leagues

A weekly look at some of the top prospects in the minor leagues.

Originally Published: September 7, 2004
By Kevin Goldstein | Baseball America
It's our final Hot Sheet of the year as we take a snapshot of baseball's best prospects, combining prospect status with recent performance. This list is not a replacement or an update to our Top 100, because it will often change drastically from week to week based on performance. We are not replacing Andy Marte or Rickie Weeks as the top prospects in baseball, rather we are giving you a snapshot of the hottest prospects. Keep up with news on these prospects plus many more on a daily basis with the Daily Dish and The Baseball America Prospect Report.

We love to hear your opinions, so send your list to Kevin at, but keep in mind there are only 20 spots on this list, and chances are there are more than 20 hot prospects during a week-long span. We aren't intentionally forgetting your guy, there's just only so much room. Also remember the key word in the title --prospect -- so, 25-year-old Class A organizational players who are tearing the cover off the ball rarely apply.