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Updated: November 26, 2003, 10:39 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League

Kansas City Royals: A year ago, Jose Lima had been kicked to baseball's curb. Now, after a nice run this summer in Kansas City that only went south when his groin acted up, he thinks he deserves better than what the Royals are offering him. Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star reports that Lima thinks he is entitled to more than the $500,000 plus incentives the team is offering him and he may look elsewhere for employment.

New York Yankees: Is there any way George Steinbrenner is going sit idly by and watch the Red Sox make a deal for Curt Schilling? Laura Price-Brown of Newsday discusses the reaction inside the Yankee camp to the news that Schilling may well be headed to Boston.

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks: Should George Steinbrenner be taking it personally that the Serpents are bypassing New York and offering Curt Schilling to the arch-rival Red Sox? Is this payback for the David Wells dis of two years ago? "No," writes Lawrence Rocca of the Newark Star-Ledger. He feels that as much as owner Jerry Colangelo would love to jam one on Steinbrenner, this is simply a case of going for the best deal out there as the team tries to shave payroll.

Chicago Cubs: Last month, the Marlins made news by beating the Yankees in the World Series. Yesterday, they made news by sending one of their starters to the Cubs. From a Chicago perspective, the acquisition of Derrek Lee is something to get excited about. Dropping a proven, young quality player into their lineup is a coup. Phil Rogers sings the praises of the deal in today's Chicago Tribune.

Florida Marlins: Are Marlins fans scared this is the first shot in a scaled-down version of the Massacre of 1998? Does the trade of Derrek Lee to the Cubs for Hee Seop Choi mean the championship club will be rendered unrecognizable next year? Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel examines the trade from the Florida perspective.

New York Mets: Having tried an aging superstar at second, the Mets are now willing to give a shot to a player in his prime. Michael Morrissey of the New York Post writes that the Mets have offered Luis Castillo a $14 million dollar, three-year deal. This does not represent a raise over what Castillo made last year, nor does it top an unconfirmed $15.5 million offer made by the Marlins last week.

St. Louis Cardinals: Rick Hummell of the Post-Dispatch writes that Cards general manager is keeping a wary eye on what the Cubs and Astros are up to in the free agent market. A name that is scaring him a little right now is Rodriguez. Could the Cubs be interested in trading for Alex of the Rangers (provided he'd wave his no-trade for a trip to Chicago) or signing free agent Pudge of the Marlins?

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