Directed by Peter Sillen

All of America was talking about the Amazin' Mets' acquisition Sidd Finch, who could hurl a 168 mph fastball. Editors were furious at their writers being scooped by Sports Illustrated's George Plimpton on April 1, 1985. Watch Video  More »

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30 for 30 Shorts is a collaboration between ESPN Films and Grantland.com. Each short film represents the specific point of view of a filmmaker. Showcasing his or her unique take and visual style. By moving away from the traditional four-act treatment, the short film format provides filmmakers new flexibility in the types of stories they can tell. A new 30 for 30 Short will premiere monthly on Grantland.com, and each one will be complemented by a written feature and additional material to provide context.

The first short, "Arnold's Blueprint," premiered in September 2012. "We thought these short films were a logical extension in 30 for 30's evolution and Grantland's evolution, too," said executive producer Bill Simmons. "We want Grantland to be a multimedia site and breaking into visual storytelling is a big part of that. With the advances in streaming video and mobile devices, this is the perfect time creatively to do something like this."

"Arnold's Blueprint" focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger's teenage years in the Austrian army and is directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (who previously directed the highly acclaimed 30 for 30 film "The Two Escobars"). This 10-minute film focuses on the years before Schwarzenegger was the "universe's perfect specimen," when he seized upon the opportunity to use the sport of bodybuilding to catapult himself to international stardom. The short documentary will show how the young Austrian farm boy's mandatory military service played a critical role in his journey to international fame.


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Entire Series

The Billion Dollar Game

In 1989, the Princeton Tigers gave the Georgetown Hoyas everything they could, in a game that would forever change March Madness.

An Immortal Man

Ted Williams lived his life in the public eye. However, his death and preservation in cryostasis is shrouded in hearsay.

The Sweat Solution

The story of how Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida is told by its inventors, their families and the players who were there.


Reggie Ho didn't come to Notre Dame for football. He pursued a career in medicine after he left. But what he did in-between as a walk-on kicker is the stuff of legends.


The Ali-Norton decision was one of boxing's most controversial but an uproar was unfolding behind the scenes.

Our Tough Guy

John Wensink legendary Bruins enforcer

The Great Trade Robbery

Most people consider the Vikings' trade for Herschel Walker among the worst ever made. Except for Jimmy Johnson. He'd say it's the best.

Fields of Fear

A compulsion ended Mackey Sasser's MLB career. Eventually, treatment for past traumas eased his mind

Kid Danny

Twelve years after Danny Almonte was accused of cheating at the LLWS, he discusses one of the strangest chapters in youth sports history.

The High Five

Glenn Burke invented the gesture most associated with celebration in sports, but few know the story.


A Bucks fan puts down $20K to protect the iconic MECCA floor from the 1970s.


Former NBA center Shawn Bradley remembered for being one of the tallest players and being on the wrong end of a lot of dunks.

From Harlem With Love

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviets used segregation as propaganda. That's when the Harlem Globetrotters performed in Moscow.


In 1977, Marquette coach Al McGuire let star player, Bo Ellis, design the team's uniforms. The most iconic, the untucked jersey, signified the power of uniforms and the benefits of a creative atmosphere, which let a Championship team flourish.

The Deal

On one side, New York. On the other, Boston. In the middle, the hired gun: Alex Rodriguez.

Judging Jewell

The death toll would have been higher at the Atlanta Games if not for security guard Richard Jewell, who hours after his heroism was called a murderer.

The Great Imposter

From 1979 to 1986, Berry Bremen posed as a player and official at more than 20 events in major professional sports in America.

The Schedule Makers

The story of how a mom-and-pop team ended up with the daunting and thankless job of MLB scheduling.

Collision Course: The Murder of Don Aronow

The rarely told fast life of one of the world's most intriguing adventurers, Don Aronow, a champion boat racer and international businessman.

Arthur and Johnnie

After Johnnie Ashe returned from Vietnam, brother Arthur was expected to go. Johnnie volunteered in his place so Arthur could keep playing tennis.

Wilt Chamberlain: Borscht Belt Bellhop

An unexplored chapter in the life of one of basketball's greatest, and a glimpse of when a very different era of basketball met the Borscht Belt.

Tommy and Frank

The relationship between Tommy John and his surgeon, Dr. Frank Jobe, who conceived of a revolutionary elbow operation in 1974.


Clint Malarchuk, the "Cowboy Goalie," made a remarkable physical and emotional recovery after one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports.

The Irrelevant Giant

In 1983, during Bill Parcells' rookie season as head coach of the New York Giants, he came to know a very special athlete.

Silver Reunion

In 2012, a secret meeting took place. Twelve Team USA members needed to accept or refuse medals for a game many believe they never lost.

Holy Grail

The T206 Honus Wagner is the most infamous baseball card in the world, but does its value really lie in the eye of the beholder?

Disdain the Mundane

Walt "Clyde" Frazier, from his time as a New York Knick to his days in the broadcast booth, has been celebrated for his unique panache.

Ali: The Mission

Ali: The Mission delves into perhaps one of the most important, but least known, feats of Muhammad Ali's remarkable life.

The Arnold Palmer

The history, mystery and industry surrounding "The Arnold Palmer," the lemonade-and-iced tea beverage that has become a piece of Americana.

Arnold's Blueprint

Arnold Schwarzenegger's mandatory military service played a critical role in his journey to international fame.


Alfred Slote wrote many books about sports for young-adults. "Jake" is his favorite.

Here Now

Everyday Pete Rose wakes up, and goes to work. But instead of a dugout, he's seated in a folding chair in a memorabilia store in Las Vegas.